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3 good reasons to clean
your engine


Improved fuel efficiency

Saving on spare parts

Extended engine life


Cleaner car exhaust

More efficient catalytic converter and cleaner particulate filter

Environmental compliance

Driving pleasure

Efficient engine

Smooth running

Increased torque and acceleration

Starts all year round

Many mechanics are using Bell Add during maintenance. It can prevent minor problems from developing into costly repairs.

Pure driving pleasure and great economy

A clean engine is an efficient engine. Getting ahead of the problems will pay off in the long run, and when your engine is in top shape, you’ll feel it right away! Like when it willingly starts even on a freezing winter morning, and when you kick the gas to overtake and there’s plenty of power!

When soot and coke no longer block for a clean combustion, the torque is improved, and fuel efficiency maximized. At the same time, the impact on the environment is reduced – because a clean and efficient engine pollutes less.

Thanks to a more optimal combustion, your car gets more mileage, when the engine is regularly cleaned and maintained.

Extended engine life

All Bell Add products are developed specifically for Temperate climate and the unique challenges it can pose for our engines and driving patterns.

The lubricating ingredients in Bell Add’s cleansers reduce friction in the engine’s vital parts, so it’s less stressed in critical situations such as cold starts, large torque, and driving with many starts and stops. Regularly cleaning your engine extends its lifespan, improves fuel efficiency, and makes your car much more fun to drive.

When the internal parts of the engine are clean, the engine works optimally. Shown here are valves and an EGR valve before and after cleaning.

New technology sets new requirements

New and stricter environmental requirements are constantly emerging. Many of them are solved very well in modern car engine systems, but the new technology can also present challenges.

One solution, for example, is to recycle the exhaust back to the combustion chamber to reduce the number of harmful substances in the exhaust gas.

Indeed, the recirculated recycled air reduces pollution outside, but the problem is that your engine would much rather run on clean air, and inside – in the bowels of the engine – deposits of soot and particles build up. That’s one of the reasons why cleaning and maintaining your engine is money well spent.

Bell Add’s additives are for the ongoing maintenance and care of your car’s engine and should be added every time you refuel. The ServiceClean series are cleaning products for professional use in workshops.

Ongoing care for improved acceleration

Adding Bell Add additive to your fuel every time you refuel provides ongoing maintenance and care for your engine. When soot and coke no longer block for a clean combustion, acceleration is improved, and fuel efficiency maximized.


Maintenance in the workshop

Many mechanics use Bell Add’s professional products for service checks. With the help of the ServiceClean series and Bell Add Special Cleaner, mechanics can prevent minor problems from developing into costly repairs.

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Bell Add develops cleaning fluids for workshops and drivers. The fluids are developed specifically for the Nordic climate and are produced in Denmark.

30 years of experience in engine technology

Bell Add is a Danish company with more than 30 years of experience in clean engine technology. We have technical experts and a development department where our own chemists continuously meet the latest environmental requirements and develop cleaning and care products for all types of engines. We also offer consulting and assistance to workshops for analysis, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.

Bell Add guarantees a healthy engine that performs at its maximum with the least amount of fuel.

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