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Professional chemistry for maintenance and cleaning the internal parts of gasoline and diesel engines.

Additives are chemicals that keep the engine clean and in great shape on the way.

Care and maintenance

Fuel additives help remove soot and coke in the engine on every drive. It provides easy start and surplus power. When soot and coke no longer block for a clean combustion, the car gets a better pull, and the driver gets the most out of the fuel.

The new Gasoline Additive Hybrid is specially developed for cars with hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology. The additive mixes with the fuel and adds lubrication for more optimal combustion. Caring for the engine is easy and straightforward, as Bell Add additive is simply added every time the car is refuelled. One bottle is enough for 8-10 refills, depending on the engine type.

Use ServiceClean to protect and clean the internal parts of the engine.

In the workshop

Service Clean is a range of products for internal cleaning of gasoline and diesel engines. The series is used in workshops to prevent or correct operational problems caused by impurities in the engine. The products can be used separately or together as part of a complete engine cleaning solution.

For modern engine types with direct fuel injection the Service Clean 1B+ New direct is the perfect choice, as the chemistry is designed for the extraordinary high temperatures in these motors.

The most recent product developed in this serie for workshops, is directed at the combustion engines in cars with hybrid technology. These motors are sensitive to varying working temperatures and longterm fuel storage.

Special cleaners used for targeted cleaning tasks in the engine system.

Special tasks

Specialcleaners is a range of effective products for targeted cleaning tasks such as cleaning injection nozzles in gasoline or diesel cars, particulate filter, turbo, EGR valve, and air conditioning as well as fuel filter changes.

The series also include cleaning machines such as Nozzle Cleaner, Injector Cleaner, Bell Add Blaster, and the “Water Pipe” cleaning machine. The Injector Cleaner New direct is designed for targeted cleaning of the nozzles in modern gasoline engines with direct fuel injection.

Bell Add’s Heavy duty range is designed for cleaning large modern diesel engines.

Heavy duty range

Bell Add Heavy duty is a range of professional chemicals for cleaning the internal parts of large diesel engines in e.g. tractors, excavators, trucks, lorries, and buses.

The products are developed by our own chemists and adapted to large modern diesel engines. Bell Add’s Heavy duty products are used in the agricultural, transportation and off-road sectors to prevent or rectify operational problems caused by impurities in the engine.

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